Rotten Egg

Determine the Source

A rotten egg or sulfur smell in your water may stem from a number of potential sources. In order to identify the issue, we recommend using the water odor test chart on the left to determine the source of the smell. 

If the water has no odor, then the source is most likely an accumulation of bacteria in the sink drain. To treat this problem, disinfect and flush the drain.

If only the hot water smells, it is likely due to a chemical reaction caused by the magnesium rod in the water heater in the presence of soft water. This is one of the most common sources of the rotten egg smell in water and is not a health risk, but can certainly make your water unappealing. The magnesium anode rod can be switched for an alternative type of anode to resolve the issue.

If the water running from both hot and cold taps have the odor, then it may be caused by hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, or sulfate-reducing bacteria in the water. In this case, we recommend consulting a water professional to assist with treatment.