Maximum Contaminant Level


MCL – 4.0 mg/L or ppm

Secondary Standard – 2.0 mg/L

WHO Guideline – 1.5 mg/L

Fluoride is classified as any binary compound of fluorine with another element. Fluorine is a natural element found in the soil. In its elemental form, it is a flammable, irritating, and toxic halogen gas and is one of the most powerful oxidizing agents known. Therefore, it only occurs naturally in the form of fluoride in combination with other minerals. It is commonly added to public drinking water supplies for the purpose of reducing dental decay. However, there is controversy surrounding the addition of fluoride to drinking water. While some experts still tout the benefits of fluoride in drinking water, others cite evidence  linking fluoridation with more serious health complications.

Fluoride can be removed with the following treatments:

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Strong Base Anion Exchange
  • Activated Alumina Adsorption Media
  • Distillation