Common Water Problems

Physical Water Problems

Any water problem that you can see, smell, taste, or feel is a physical water problem. Physical water problems can make your water unappealing to use and can cause aesthetic and technical issues in your home, such as staining and scale buildup. The contaminants responsible for these effects are not typically harmful to human health; however, some of these physical issues may indicate the presence of a more serious problem. If your home has a noticeable water problem, this guide can help you determine the cause and find the right treatment. 


Hidden Water Problems

Water that is clear and odor free is not necessarily safe to drink. Some harmful contaminants can exist in our water without leaving any trace of physical evidence. These contaminants can go unnoticed for years before anyone realizes that a problem exists. Water near agricultural areas can contain harmful chemicals from the application of pesticides or fertilizer. Water near industrial plants can also be contaminated by industrial runoff. These chemicals in the water can increase the risk of cancer and reproductive problems, as well as impair other bodily functions. The only way to know if you have any of these contaminants is to test for them. In this section we will be examining some of the most common household water problems that can only be detected by testing.